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AlephJS - The React Framework in Deno

AlephJS - The React Framework in Deno

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·Jan 31, 2021·

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What is Aleph.js ?

Aleph.js gives you the best developer experience for building modern web applications: TypeScript in Deno, ES module imports, file-system routing, SSR & SSG, HMR with Fast Refresh, and more. No config needed.


deno install -A -f -n aleph https://deno.land/x/aleph@v0.2.28/cli.ts

Create App

aleph init hello
cd hello

Start the app & Visit development server


aleph dev

Start the app in production mode:

aleph start

Build the app to a static site(SSG):

aleph build

Server features:

  • Compile modules(js,jsx,ts,tsx,md,css,less...) and manage deps
  • HMR With React Fast Refresh
  • Serve APIs from ./api/
  • Server-side rendering of ./pages/
  • Serve Static files from ./public/ (mapped to /)

More Details : Aleph.js

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